Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Testimonial- So Excited!

I am so excited because many survivors have reached out to me to ask for advice to help with their PTSD.  It feels so good to help others.  Andrea gave me a nice testimonial that she allowed me to share with you. 

"As a PTSD survivor I recognized myself in many of Leslie's posts and when I read the information on her website I didn´t feel as alone as I had before. The information gave me hope and encouraged me to not give up in a time I really needed it.  Leslie reached out to me so I could reach out to her. Thank you, Leslie."

Andrea PTSD Survivor

If anyone else would like to do a testimonial, please email to

Thank you for your support.

Also please write in the email if you give me permission to print it on literature, book, website, etc.


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