Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lose Weight Out of Time

Dear Readers and supporters,

I watched the Biggest Loser and got really scary news this week from my doctor. I finished in 2009 and 2010 1/2 marathon 13.1 Miles, 3.50 hrs. Then 2 years ago I had the biggest challenge of my life a psychotic break, 32 years of repressed memories gave way all at once. If you read my book, Flashbacks in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Surviving the Flood, you know my story. I suffered alot of abuse in my life and parental neglect. I have PTSD, Conversion, and Somatization Disorders.

I gained my weight back and now am 223 lb, 22 size 58' waist. I found out I have an ulcer and a small Hiatal hernia. What is it going to take? I have high blood pressure, High glucose, High cholesterol, Sleep Apnea, have to wear a breathing machine while I sleep or I stop breathing, (in the sleep study I stopped breathing 13 times an hour equalling 15 min. per hour of not breathing, Fat is now around my liver that can turn into Sclerosis. I don't drink alcohol. I didn't know you could get it by being obese.

As Julian would say now is the time to save your own life! Now is the time to put yourself FIRST! I need a lot of prayers as I fight for myself and lose the weight one more time and keep it off this time. I have done it two other times being 18W and 20W and got down to a 10 size. My weight is alot more but I know I can do it with all of your prayers and support.

Alot of us that suffer with mental illness are overweight because our past hurts us so bad that we are scared to be slim. I am going to fight it and show all of you it can be done. Are you with me? I will update you from time to time on my progress.

This week I sign up for a gym membership at Planet Fitness and had my first one hour workout, 30 min treadmill and 30 min ab mat exercises.  I definitely could feel I am out of shape.  I have a trainer helping me.   I have my first challenge.  I need to lose 10 pounds by March 15, 2013. If I achieve it I will be in the running for a cash prize of $1,000 and the tile Biggest Loser. The winners will also be announced on the radio.  One by one I will tackle my destructive patterns and will share my journey with you.

God bless!

Leslie Raddatz

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