Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Each day is a new day! New day = New Hope!

Each day is a new day.  If you fall back to your destructive patterns of your PTSD or past abuse then tomorrow is another day.

Don't beat yourself up about it.  Move on and start your new day with a plan on how you can cope better and soon you will have a good hold of your destructive patterns and it will no longer control you. 

The first step is to identify your destructive patterns and if possible where do they come from and then it is easier to understand how to cope with them. 

One of my destructive patterns is stress eating and overeating, which comes from not having enough food as a child.  When we had food we ate alot to make up for not having much food two weeks out of the month. I have identified it and know where it comes from but it is a hard one for me to overcome. So each day I have a plan to make good food choices and if I am stressed out and slip, I pick myself up and try again the next day.

I am now starting to train for 13.1 miles half marathon for September 22, 2013, to help lose the weight I set goals.  I have completed two half marathons in the past and have lost the weight so here I go again with a hopeful prayerful heart that this time with God's help when I lose the weight it will be forever. 

What are some of your destructive patterns?  Do you know where the root of the pattern comes from? What are some goals you can set for yourself and your destructive patterns? 

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