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Govenor Walker's Plan for increased budget for Mental Health Care!

I Leslie Raddatz has PTSD, Somatization and Conversion Disorders.
Mental Health needs to be priority to stop the crimes committed by the mentally ill.

The governor said his proposal includes an additional $3.7 million in funding for children with behavioral problems, $10.2 million to expand community-based care programs for adults and children with severe mental illness, $12.5 million to fund two additional treatment units at Mendota Health Institute, $1.3 million for peer-run "respite centers" for people in crisis, and other funding

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Finally I feel like the Mental Health community will get better care.  I love the idea of peer run "respite Centers".  I went to the NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness)  May - Mental Health Awareness kick off on May 1, 2013.  Stand up Against Stigma.  No health without Mental Health A representative from Governor Walker's office was talking about the respite centers in detail.

I really think it is a good alternative as they stated so the mentally ill patients in crisis can go to the respite centers instead of the ER or the hospital to be admitted.  The reason why I feel the peer run respite centers will be better is because I experienced the ER doctors cruelty and judgement of me because I have PTSD, Somatization and Conversion Disorder. 

Nothing is worse when you have to go to the ER for help and to have the doctor upset you further and cause you more harm than you were originally in when you arrived.

Example from my book Flashbacks in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Surviving the Flood.
"I got a sharp pain in my eye. Then I had severe memory loss, and was unable to speak or read, I felt confused, and my body went numb. I didn’t even know my name, husband, or son or the date, president, or year. I was taken to the ER and discussed my symptoms with the doctor. I mentioned my friend had a stroke a month ago so I came in, just in case. 

He told me he would do some blood tests and would be back in. As he left, the door was still open a crack. My husband and I overheard the doctor say to the nurses that "her friend had a stroke so now she thinks she is having one." They all had a big laugh.  I looked at my husband who I still didn’t remember and I started to cry. I felt like they didn’t believe what I told him. My husband tried to comfort me but I was still scared of him because I didn’t remember him."

Being a Peer I have helped many people already with my book and also by personal contact..  I have talked to people all over the world by email, facebook, and also on which I am a facilitator and talk in chat rooms to peers with mental illness who need help and are in crisis.  For the people locally I have talked to them in person.  They just need someone to talk to most times and someone to believe them and not deny them their truth.

This is why I believe so strongly that the "respite centers" will be successful.


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I can't wait for this to be our new reality.

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