Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Met Cami Rapson WBAY TV Channel 2 News!

Dear Mental Health Peers and Readers,

I had the pleasure of meeting Cami Rapson WBAY TV Channel 2 News.  She did a wonderful job introducing everyone that spoke.  She was the MC at the NAMI Mental Health Awareness Month of May kick off - Stand Up Against Stigma - No Health Without Mental Health

Cami even took the time to speak with me about my life's story and my book.

It was a joyous day because for once everyone fit in who lives with mental illness such as PTSD, Bi-polar, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, Schizophrenia, etc. There was no judgement.

It was awesome! We talked openly and freely about our stories and received encouragement and support.

It felt like a society all on its own where for a short time each of us didn't feel alone. We were accepted for who we are and not defined by our diagnoses.

Only those with mental illness or people affected by family or friends, etc with mental illness understands the hurt and shame of Mental Health Stigma that Society places on us. 

It felt great to be a part of something so inspiring. It also affirmed God's love and plan for me to use my story and seek out opportunities to help peers with Mental Ilness who are struggling and in need of a helping and reassuring voice of a Survivor and Thriver.
I also had the pleasure of meeting many members of the National Alliance for Mental Illness - NAMI Team - Karen Schiller, Development Director- Certified Peer Specialist and Wendy who does it all with planning events, such as today's kick off to Mental Health Awareness Month, Walk for Mental Health, and even took the photo of Cami and me.  Also the rest of the NAMI team who greeted me as soon as I walked in the door I felt instantly that I belonged there.

Leslie Raddatz

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