Saturday, October 19, 2013

What a nice testimonial. I received the following from another peer:

As a survivor of only one of the maddening abusive cycles that Leslie had endured I can relate to some of the pain and suffering that she has courageously shared in her book Flashbacks in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have had my own bouts with healing and the pain that comes with it and Leslie gives us a dramatic and real life experience to reassure those of us who have suffered or are suffering that they are not alone and there can be many different answers for you if you just start trying to heal today.  Her passion to share and reach out to others has inspired me to reach out to my own family of whom I know have suffered from some type of PTSD or abuse.  Her book gives me the gateway into reaching my loved ones to hopefully help them on their journey of healing.  Thank you Leslie for your courage and commitment! 

Sincerely- A survivor of sexual abuse
Every time I get a good review like this it makes me feel like my struggle and healing journey and sharing with peers is worth it.  I am making a difference in peers lives.

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Leslie Raddatz

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