Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mental Health Stigma could kill! Keep advocating for yourself mentally and physically.

I learned something new today. I was diagnosed with conversion and somatization disorders in 2010 because of unexplained medical symptoms and warning signs of something being wrong with my body.

I had in 2013 heart ablation surgery for an irregular heartbeat and for 18 years I was told I had panic attacks. I ended up having a small heart attack that could have been deadly while I was training for an half marathon. I also passed out at the movie theater again they didn't know... why and I had all the symptoms of a stroke and doctors said nothing was wrong. Well I found out by my cardiologist that it was all warning signs of my heart condition that would have been discovered if they would have put me on a 24-hour EKG.

Please be an advocate for yourself! If you think something is just not right, keep trying to be heard!

Leslie Raddatz

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