Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Symptom That Something Was Wrong

Today, I wanted to share with you the first episode I experienced that told me something was really wrong with me.  It was 11 years ago while I was at work.  I was a receptionist in a nursing home.  It was the scariest thing that had ever happened to me.  This was the start of my body warning me to break the silence or I would become ill. 


As a woman races around the office ensuring to meet each deadline, she stops in her tracks and experiences a loss of control.

As she spins herself in place, she looks around the room.  Her knees become weak and she falls to the ground.

She experiences dizziness, disorientation; her chest seems to be tightening, and as her air is leaving her body, she struggles to breath.  As she lies on the floor, she is temporarily paralyzed.

As people rush to her aid, they are talking to her but she cannot hear them.

Suddenly, she feels the air seeping back into her lungs, as she takes a deep breath her heart starts to slow, her chest stops hurting, and her hearing is restored.

She hears a voice ask if she is all right.  She replies, “Yes, it was just a panic attack”, as if it was a normal part of everyone’s life.

By: Leslie Raddatz copyrighted 2004 all rights reserved.  Published
in The Healing Voice by the Center for Creative Arts and Healing in Syracuse, NY.
Before this I had panic attacks but not this severe. I would have episodes where I would get warm and my heart would beat fast but I would breathe through them and they didn't last long. I went to the doctor because I thought there was a problem with my heart. He told me know it was just a panic attack from stress so I though it was normal until more and more symptoms started to surface.
What scary symptoms or episodes have you experienced that gave you a clue that something was wrong with you? How long did it take you to seek help?

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