Monday, November 14, 2011

Childhood Bullying

Tonight I want to share a part of my book - Silenced No Longer.  This is out of Chapter 6:

At first it was very difficult to make new friends and it broke my heart with every insult and name-calling I received from the children who didn’t know me but had an opinion of me.  I had brown hair, glasses, my eyes looked funny because they were crossed, I had a scar on my face from an accident and I also talked a little different because my accident almost caused half of my tongue to be cut off.  The children would call me four eyes, say I was ugly while they would cross their eyes to match what they saw when they looked at me. They would mimic how I talked and told me they hated me as they pushed me to the ground. I felt so sad and self-conscious and decided to avoid everyone and play by myself.  I told myself I didn’t need any friends.

I bet that everyone has been bullied in some way.  Even with the Bully Buster Campaign now in schools my daughters still were bullied.  Why do children do this to each other?  This was one of the memories I carried with me that hurt deep inside.  I always needed to find acceptance.  I wanted everyone to like me so I was always in agreement. I never had my own opinion.  If someone didn't like me, I would try to find out why so I could fix myself so they would like me.  I think this is what started my low self-esteem and self worth issues that allowed others to abuse me.

Please think about your childhood and comment on your example of being bullied.

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