Friday, January 20, 2012

How Do You Know If The Child Within Is Activated!

For myself it is when I feel unsafe, unprotected, abandoned, terrified, in trouble or sad.  It is usually when something triggers me back to neglect or abuse. 

Example  If my boss asked to talk to me in her office.  For along time, I would panic inside feeling like a little girl ready to get yelled at and disciplined.  This triggered me back to being yelled at in my childhood.  So right away I would be racing in my mind how to defend myself which is called the Fight or Flight mode. I would try to think of what I could have possibly done to be in trouble. 

This was due to my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I was regressing to a four year old but still having my adult present.  So my boss would see the adult me but inside I felt like a terrified child.  I would go in her office and it was never because I was in trouble.  She wanted to go over instructions for a project or needed computer software support. 

If this happens to you. I would suggest asking your boss to meet in a conference room or your office.  This way it won't be intimidating to you and hopefully your child within will not be activated.

If this happens to you at work.  Go to the bathroom and have your adult self comfort the child within.  Tell him or her that you are safe that the adult you will protect her or him.  The bad people are gone it happened in the past.  It may calm the child within enough to get through the panicked situation.

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