Saturday, March 3, 2012

Developing Boundaries Is Very Hard To Do!

Dear readers,

I have never set clear boundaries with people which allowed people to bully and abuse me.   I internalized what they did and took it personal. I ended up with no self esteem and I hated myself for not telling them what I thought and felt. I kept stuffing it.

This is wrong you should be able to set boundaries with people but when you have been abused you grow up with having your boundaries constantly violated so you are used to not having any boundaries. I am working on this in therapy.

I am just starting this process with my mother who is an alcoholic.  If she chooses to drink, then I will not visit her until she has a sober day. 

It is important to set clear boundaries with others such as at work if an employee puts you down or humiliates you in front of your other coworkers.

Do you just take it and internalize the anger? Do you take that person aside and tell them they crossed a boundary with you and explain what you expect out of that person in the future?

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