Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Massages For Releasing Stress!

Dear PTSD and Survivors of other Abuse,

We all know that for all of us that after being abused and having PTSD that another person touching us can be a trigger.  I received a gift certificate from a friend of mine.  I was scared to use it because I haven't had a Massage for 2 years.  Then I had the hospitalization, put on medication, and severe PTSD symptoms that took over my life. 

I went last night to have this massage that my friend paid for me.  The Massage Therapist's name was Shelby Blaauw at 5583 Waterford Lane, Suite J, Appleton, WI 54913.  Phone 920-882-9833She is open by scheduled appointments only.

The minute I walked into her lobby and she introduced herself I felt at ease.  She gave me paperwork to fill out and I did so.  Then she took the time to go over my childhood injuries, car accidents, pain assessment, etc.  She really took the time with me.  When I get nervous I talk a lot and she listened nicely and didn't interrupt me.  It got to the point where I felt completely comfortable with her and was able to put my trust in her to touch me.

Oh my God.  I died and was in heaven.  She took all the stress that was stored in my body totally out of me. The music and atmosphere was so relaxing and the lotions she used smelled so nice.  She had a heating blanket, then flannel sheets, then another sheet and blanket with hot towels on top.  I felt like a little girl cuddled up in her bed with the covers up to my chin. I felt completely secure and safe.

Her professionalism impressed me because I was totally honest with my PTSD, Conversion and Somatization disorders. She treated me with respect and made sure that I was comfortable at all times.  She explained the massage procedures beforehand and sent me home with helpful information about massages and what you need to do afterwards like drink alot of water. 

Anyone that feels fatigue, stressed, pain in their body, just feeling awful inside should go to her.  I felt this way walking in, When I walked out I felt light as a feather, relaxed, and emotionally renewed.  The first night in a long time I had a good/peaceful night sleep without waking up several times. 

At work I felt confident, happy, with a positive attitude and felt I could accomplish anything today. 

Thank you so much Shelby for your kindness, loving understanding of my conditions and the expert skill you shown me by experiencing your massage.

Leslie Raddatz

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  1. Leslie, I'm so happy that you enjoyed your massage and benefitted from it. I sure wish I were close enough to get a massage from her. I could sure use one. LOL

    Have I told you that my daughter-in-law Carla Fickett is from Tomahawk, WI? Do you have a Wisconsin twang? I enjoy hearing Carla talk.

    Just wanted to drop in to say hello and that I'm thinking about you. We have choir practice tonight. Hope I can sing on tune.

    Let me know what's happening.