Sunday, April 8, 2012

Coping Ideas for Everyday Use, especially Holidays with Family!

Dear Supporters,

Happy Easter to all of you. God bless you with good health and time with family

Remember over the holidays to take care of yourself and keep your Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental illness in check.

We all love our families but sometimes they can be our triggers.  If you feel yourself starting to get triggered, take a little time out.  Practice your deep breathing exercises, do visual imagery to a safe place.  If you are able to spend a few minutes with the "child within" then calmly talk to her or him and say comforting statements such as "You are safe." I will protect you."  "The mean people are gone.  It happened in the past."  "They will not hurt you anymore."  "I care for you and love you." 

If you are able to do some art therapy such as coloring with your child, or a niece or nephew, do this because that will calm your "child within".  Remember when you were a child that you probably didn't have a chance to play so that is a necessity of healing that needs to be met as an adult to help integrate the adult with the "child within." 

I know it sounds funny but it really works to calm your triggers, stay in the present to enjoy your family and the holidays with less stress, anxiety, and emotional upset.

Before you leave to your famly's house for the holiday, make an emergency/crisis bag full of items that makes the "child within" feel safe.  It may be a blanket, a favorite sweatshirt, lotion, tea, MP3 player to have a moment to yourself, or do some meditation.  Whatever helps you get through the holidays.

I use these same techniques when I need them while visiting family.  If you find yourself really overwhelmed try to take a walk, take a bike ride or a nap.  I guarantee it will help refocus your body and relieve stress.

Happy Easter!  Remember no one else will take care of you so you need to take the initiative.

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