Friday, April 13, 2012

Talk about a disappointing day for a little 5 year old!

My son wanted a John Deere Gator Ride-On. He saved his money from last spring until now. He worked for this money aunts, uncles, mom and dad gave him money for chores around the house, outside work picking up sticks, leaves, etc..  He really worked hard and had the discipline to save his money

My husband took him to Walmart and the demo was there and my son got into the front seat and was so excited to finally have enough money to take her home- $339.00.

The dreaded words "Out of Stock"  My husband asked if he could by the demo and they didn't have the battery pack for it.

My son didn't cry he simply called the guy a meaner guy.

So tomorrow we will try Fleet Farm hopefully they have one.

Have you ever saved for something as a small child and then had something similar happen?  What was your reaction?

I was in Fourth Grade.  For me it was when I saw the magazine of prizes I could get if I sold $1000 in pies, pizzas, and croissants.  It was a huge boom box.  I was so excited when I met my goal.  My parents were really surprised as the boxes kept coming.  My dad said "Are you sure this is all her order?"  My parents had no clue the dedication I put into this prize because I went door to door by myself.  I hit the college dorms and along way from home.

On delivery day my parents struggled to help me deliver to all the people before everything melted.  The day came when I got my prize to my horror it was a small boom box I could have died.   I was so disappointed I remember crying to my parents disputing that the picture it looked bigger.  My father taught my my first lesson that just because it looks big in a magazine doesn't mean it is, as he showed me the small print with the actual size with a disclaimer that picture is bigger than actual size.

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