Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dad is the Hero!!!!!!

Follow up from last nights post about my disappointed son:

My husband went to a department store who had the same John Deere Gator Ride-On for more than the sale price just 30 miles from where we live.

When my husband called the night before they wouldn't give it to him for the sale price which was a $35 dollar difference which was advertised at our same department store in town.

My husband thought maybe if he went there it would make a difference because they advertise they match any competitors price, why not their own. He asked to talk to a manager and explained about my son and how he saved an entire year to buy it.

I can't believe it but they gave it to him for the sale price. It meant a lot to my son that he bought the entire thing all by himself.  My husband gave him some change that he had left and he was even more happy.

My two boys are outside putting it together father and son.  It is the best sight to see and a new positive memory to keep.

Oh and by the way who has the keys?

That's right my son and he is smiling and will not let them go for nothing.  It doesn't matter that he can't play with it until tomorrow because of the battery having to charge.  He told me he will sleep with the keys and tomorrow he is waking me up really early to go play.

A Happy Ending!

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