Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Love Helping People!

Today I started a conversation with a person I first met and somehow I brought up PTSD.  She was just diagnosed with PTSD the day before and was so happy to meet me.  She asked alot of questions and I answered her.  She felt like she wasn't alone anymore.  It feels so good to help another person it brought so much joy in my heart because I know how it feels to be in panic and crisis mode and I also know how it feels to be in control of my PTSD and feeling health and free from my triggers.

Everyone out there with PTSD or other mental illness.  You are not alone.  Reach out, I do it everyday. God must have had her and I meet and talk for a reason so she could get some helpful tips.

If anyone wants to talk to me about PTSD email me at  Each day is a struggle even I still struggle and then the next day is pure joy.  We will be survivors together. is also a great organization that can help you understand your illness. 

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