Monday, August 20, 2012

MOST Current Rankiing on Amazon Kindle Ebook!

Thanks to all who are downloading my book FREE today.  I have ranked so far

#1 Best Seller Category Mental Health
#1- Best Seller Category Mood Disorder
#9 Best Seller Category Heallth, Mind, Body
#10 Best Seller Category Advice and How To
#38 Best Seller Category Non-Fiction books
#199 Best seller for kindle books
The ranking is out of over 1 million books that are sold on amazon so this is a big deal!!!!!!!!!!
The night isn't over the more downloads the higher my ranking will go.
This really means that alot of people are getting help and that excites me. It doesn't matter that I am not getting paid for these books.  I am just so happy for all of you getting the help and inspiration you need.
Thank you so much.
Leslie Raddatz

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