Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother Day Excitment!

Anxiety, panic attack moment for me with PTSD but it is possible if you calm down and think what to do you can get through an emergency like this one.

Panic on Mother's Day!

I was making large dinner and not feeling good on top of it all.  I have a sinus infection and bronchitis. I was talking to my mother with the cordless phone between my ear and shoulder as I put the buns in the oven.  All of a sudden the phone slips off my shoulder straight into the oven. 

I start to yell for my daughter to help me because my six year old was trying to grab the phone.  Mom is yelling on the phone calling my name.  So here the oven is on 400 degrees and the phone is on the bottom of the oven by the heating element. 

I try in a panic to grab the phone with a towel that starts to catch on fire then I remembered the oven was still on so I turned it off .  My son in a panic "Yells mom how do we call 911 if the phone is in the oven?"  I told him everything would be okay we just need to get the phone out of the oven. 

So I couldn't find the tongs which is unbelievable since we have like 5 pair, from our wedding ten years ago, but in a panic we don't think of where these things are so I ended up using a spatula and got the phone out of the oven.  Thank God.

I let the phone cool and then called my mom back and explained what just happened and we had a big laugh. We were amazed that the phone wasn't melted to bad and that it still worked. Then I told her that dinner was going to be ready in about 10 minutes so she should be coming over. 

We ended up having a nice Mother's Day yesterday with a little added excitement that me, a sick mommy didn't  need!

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