Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Prayer Request

Saw the surgeon 12/9.  I will have surgery this Thursday.  I have been so weak and sick that I will not return to work until after the Heart Ablation.  The surgeon said is about a week o recovery due to problems of bleeding that can occur in the groan area.

For more information on Supraventricular Tachycardia go to http://www.emedicinehealth.com/supraven.../article_em.htm... This explains it well.

The diagnosis is Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) rhythms start above the ventricles, in upper part of my heart. I learned a lot today. He thinks the problem of the electrical firing of my heart is in the AV Nodal that is in the center of the heart that regulates the flow of blood to all the parts of your heart. I have an extra electrical pulse that interferes with the regular electrical pulse that is there and it causes my heart to pump blood in a circle go nowhere trapped while no blood is getting to the lower part of my heart. This speeds my heart out of control up to 220 beats per minute which is very bad this is what caused my body to malfunction five years ago stroke symptoms, passing out at movie theater, leg weakness and fall, also could cause blood clots, while training for a marathon it caused me stranded laying on the side of the road, and fatigue, dizzy, lightheaded, etc. while a episode is occurring. 

If you read my book you will see that doctors thought confusion migraines, adrenaline rush, conversion and somatization disorder, anxiety, depression, etc., I always thought it was my heart and in the end that is what it ended up being. I had to have 18 years of doctors mocking me to nurse as I am crying in the room because I was frightened that I was dying when I was 18 years old with a baby already because my chest would hurt from my heart beating so fast. However the episodes didn't last long enough for them to see it and record it. 

The surgeon said as many ER visits I have had with same symptoms they should have done the heart monitor you wear for a period of time because then they would have found it. I have spent two weeks not being able to do much because if I start to walk or grocery shop and even tried to go back to work after my uterus surgery my heart couldn't take it and I ended up in the ER where they had to convert my heart and do a recording for the heart surgeon.

In all the other years up until now my heart would convert itself and would beat normally after I took deep breathes and rested. 

Praise God he is good and now we need to pray for no complications. One complication is that the two electrical firing or pulses are mm away from each other so while they cauterize one if they hit the good one then I will have to have surgery for a pacemaker to be put in place of the AV nodal to control the function of my heart. 

He said that happens in 1% of patients. The other is possible stroke or heart attack but since I am young he thinks this is also a low percentage. 

There are three ways a heart can have supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) and before they know which one it is for sure they have electrophysiology Study and then make my heart beat really fast to see how my heart is firing and blood is flowing. Then once they know which one of the three they will cauterize the tissue killing it so it doesn't interfere ever again. 

The trick is getting my heart to beat back to normal. The last episode I had on Tuesday they had to convert my heart twice with medication and the next step was to use the paddles to shock my heart so I am a little scared about my heart behaving after they provoke it. 

I have Faith in God that my mission to help Advocate for others with PTSD and other mental illness is not yet done so I am going to come back stronger with more energy to write my books, do book signings, and public speaking which I started but had to put on hold to deal with health issues. 

Love all of you and God bless you for your gift of prayers this holiday season!

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