Monday, February 9, 2015

Shopping bloppers!

Today, I spoke about needing a good laugh and that it is the best medicine..  Well I was shopping at Shopko with my son 8 and my husband 58 years old. 

Anyways, I went to get a 24 pack of regular Pepsi out of a display and the entire Diet Pepsi stack right beside it came crashing down and cans are flying.  My son yells. "I am telling on you. "Where is the manager." as he running up and down the cashier aisle.

A cashier came to assist me with a cart. When she comes close
My husband yells, "I can't take you anywhere" as I am desperately trying to save the diet Pepsi cans from rolling down the glossy flooring to the carpet by the candles.

I was so red faced.  My son is laughing and repeating very loudly "We can't take you anywhere mom."  The lady opened a lane and got us through the check out really fast.

I thanked her for getting me out of there because of the scene my son and husband made.  It was their fun for the night!

I have to say it wasn't funny until I got home and was able to relax but now I can see it as a funny occurrence.

One of my Facebook friend has my back this was his comment:

Leslie, your post reminded me of this classic Mr. Mom grocery store sketch:

Leslie Raddatz

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