Friday, May 8, 2015

The Silence Documentary making its way around the globe!

Dear Readers,

I received a PRIVATE screening of "The Silence" since it's about my story and I am part of the crew/cast. My book: Flashbacks in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Surviving the Flood inspired one of the stories. 

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I want to share my testimonial and description of it so you can get excited about viewing it for yourself.  Soon there will be showings across the globe for two years! After two years it will be released to the public.

The director and producer, Cleo Tellier, will send me a showing schedule so I can communicate with you where and when you can buy a ticket to go to one of the showings.

"The Silence" is powerful, respectful and extraordinary!
The viewers are impacted by deep emotions of empathy, compassion and outrage for the abused children. Physical responses evolves in the form of tears, brokenness and chills concerning the abusers violent acts toward their powerless victims! 
The music was executed using perfect balance of sound, pitch, and intensity while each story was told. The delivery of the seriousness of Child Abuse Awareness was  achieved with the combination of the dramatic music and imagery performances by the children actresses/actors.
Allowing each survivor to tell their story using their real voice empowered them to break their silence to the world. It also honored each survivor's journey that further validated personal struggles while transforming from victim to survivor. 

I know the four stories, mine included, will empower many adults, children and young adults to break their silence until someone hears and action is taken. For others it is simply the fact that they are not alone that comforts them while enduring the abuse until they are strong enough to speak out and break free from their abuser's hold on them.   

"The Silence" reviews the warning signs and behaviors children may exhibit while being abused with the hope that people will take action in their schools, churches, homes and communities, etc. 

Call to Action: being more conscious of everyday surroundings so people can help identify children being abused or neglected. The message packs a punch when Ann asked, "Would  you have noticed my pain?"  It uncovers one of the main issues in our society of people who don't want to get involved: turning a blind eye or silent ear, ignoring uncomfortable situations to avoid conflict;  or perhaps saying to yourself the child is lying to free yourself of the obligation to report it to authorizes. People are too afraid they may make a friend, family member or possibly a stranger angry.  Please, as a survivor, I beg every teacher, parent, coach, friend, etc., to pay attention and report to authorities any child's behavior that is suspicious or aligns with the warning signs of abuse or neglect.  Take each child seriously and BELIEVE them. You may save a child from enduring years of abuse or experiencing the tragic end of human trafficking, eating disorders, homicide or suicide!

Leslie Raddatz 2nd story in "The Silence"
Survivor of child abuse and neglect/author/peer advocate
Director and Producer

Cleo Tellier, producer and director, began with her vision of "The Silence" with the message she was inspired to convey: Child Abuse Awareness and Breaking the Silence!  She was on point with the details of each scene: wardrobe of each child, makeup depicting victim injuries, hair and each movement: glance, turning of the head, tears visible in their eyes, etc. 
When I met Cleo Tellier, my first and only face to face contact was through video conferencing utilizing Skype. Before the interview, she read my book: Flashbacks in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Surviving the Flood of Memories, three times. Then she furthered her understanding by conversing with me for two hours listening intently to my personal account of child abuse and severe neglect.  She asked questions using empathy, compassion and respect for the trauma I went through while reassuring me we could stop at anytime.  I felt comfortable being completely honest while exposing my vulnerability at times.  I am impressed with her talent as a producer and director because to be able to pull all the sensitive information together into a documentary, I can only imagine is challenging while covering a difficult topics such as child abuse and neglect.  

Thank you Cleo Tellier, cast and crew for getting my story out!  Together we can all make an impact in a child's life.

Leslie Raddatz 2nd story in "The Silence"
Survivor of child abuse and neglect/author/peer advocate



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