Saturday, July 11, 2015

Staying present when you have PTSD!

Dear friends,

Everyone has been so kind to me in my journey that began in 2011.  My first book: Flashback in PTSD: Surviving the Flood  has help many to understand what a child's perception of traumatic events looks and feels like while I lived in the past for so many years without even knowing it.  The hardest part of living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is to fight yourself to live in the present and not to numb out or escape to the past. 

Now it is time to share how challenging it is to put in the hard work to live in the present and to allow myself to feel all the negative feelings of my past while I live in the present!

No more binge eating to numb out.  No more "Good Girl" who has to do what she is told and act like everything is okay when it is not.  I am breaking old patterns so I can excel in my life and find freedom from all those negative feelings that kept me prisoner in my mind, body and spirit.

So far I am enjoying my journey to recapture the little things that makes me feel alive again.  While I help myself to heal and reconnect with my loved ones! 

Anyone that has read my book understands what I went through. I am now writing a series of books! Each with their different topics and healing process I am going through to heal even further than before.  These books will have insight of the child within lives in past and the adult that is living in the present.  You will be amazed how different their perceptions are! 

God is my higher power and he will guide me to make the difference in this world one step at a time! 

You can purchase my 1st book at

The series will reflect on the trauma in the 1st book! I will illustrate how healing and feeling the negative feelings can be therapeutic. I will share how to carefully release the feelings one moment at a time while taking the steps to heal!

I will always struggle with the feelings of needing to binge eat to numb out unhappy memories or feelings.  The important thing is not to act out those desperate calls. I know the feeling will pass as I use my coping skills so I can maintain my abstinence from my addiction with food.

Remember:  "The Silence" documentary will be premiered in soon! Time and place has not been released but as the details are shared with me, I will let you know on this blog, twitter, and Facebook.

Please Note: The website I have discontinued!

Leslie Raddatz

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