Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Precious Children Do

My son, 4 years old, was running in the house. I told him as he ran by me that he was running so fast that his pants were on fire.  He immediately yelled, "I know what to do."  He said, "stop, drop and roll". He giggled as he demonstrated it on the floor. Then he stood up and said, "Is it all out mommy."  My husband and I both laughed as he explained that he was taught to do that on his field trip to the fire station.  He went on to tell us how important it is to check our batteries in the smoke alarms and that we all have to meet outside if there is a fire and to call 911.  I was so proud of him as he showed me on the phone what 911 looked like without pushing the actual buttons of course. 

That was a moment that I would have probably missed if I was still stuck on survive, which I was for 11 years as symptoms started to build inside of me and I hid it from my family until I couldn't anymore.  I thank God everyday I made the choice to get help so I could reclaim my life and stop missing out on happy moments that make you stop and appreciate a child's precious innocence.

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