Thursday, January 5, 2012

Writing Rewriting and Rewriting Again!

Remember not so long ago I blogged about a book teaser.  Well that is no longer the beginning of my book.  I wrote the beginning three times with three different approaches.  I am sorry but this time no book teaser. You will have to buy the book to see how it starts and ends.

Wow!  I am so glad that I hired Janell Moon, / editor and writing coach.  I thought once you write the book it is finished.

Since this is my first book, I didn't realize how important it is to have a knowledgeable editor and expert on the writing processes that an author must go through to come up with the final product.

Janell has helped me by giving me her feedback as well as teaching me writing techniques that will keep my book flowing smoothly while keeping my readers attention all the way through. 

We just completed the first three chapters and are moving on to the others.

I feel like I could be published in a couple of months at this rate with her helpful support and tips.

Go to her website and see for yourself. She is an author of eleven books and knows how to get published. She enjoys helping others and shares her knowledge of how to get published.

Thanks Janell

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