Thursday, March 21, 2013

My mission to honor my deceased father.

Thinking of my dad and wanted to share that I will be on radio interview for my book and for PTSD Awareness for Veterans and families on May 25 at 7: 7:30 a.m.  Early I know but those of you who cannot get up on a Saturday morning can replay it. The radio talk show is entitled, "Game Changers" on the SeaView Radio website check it out and see where the fun will begin with Aria Dunham as host. It airs Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings on SeaView Radio, 960 AM, 95.9 FM, and 106.9 FM throughout Palm Beach, Florida. 

More information to come like how to listen to the interview with Aria Dunham. My father has been gone almost a year on May 24, 2013, from kidney cancer and tumors every where which was due to agent Orange exposure but army didn't want to admit any connection to my dad's cancer. He was a Purple Heart recipient, after being blown out of a truck after the driver ran over a land mine. He was thrown clear airborne as he saw his friend's jaw just hanging. He fell down a hill and at the bottom was a Philippines man and my father thought he was going to be killed but by the grace of God the man put a cigarette in his mouth and got help and my dad was flown out of Vietnam and reached a hospital in the USA where he was able to heal and was then honorably discharged from the Army. 

He didn't develop symptoms of PTSD until he was married with four little girls. He started with nightmares then he would flashback to being in battle looking and screaming in the house for the enemy to come out. My mom hid us in closets. My father never talked to me about his PTSD until I was diagnosed only 2 years before he died did I feel loved by my father. I didn't understand why he was so distant as a child and now experienced it myself I know now. I promise my father that I would try to help advocate and talk to our soldiers coming back from war to get help immediately before it gets to the point it got with my father. He pull knives on my mom and I witness this as a little girl and will never forget the terror I felt. So please support me this May 25 and listen to SeaView Radio. Thank you to all of our Veteran for your service to your country.

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